Download The Complete Guide to eCommerce Marketing in 2024 >

Download The Complete Guide to eCommerce Marketing in 2024 >

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Over 1,000+ Qualified Leads Generated Since Launch

We helped a start-up business take its online presence to the next level with our tailored website design and development. We made sure their foundations were built on technical SEO principles, then optimised content for maximum impact.

The Challenge

Ark Fire Protection was a start-up looking to create a digital asset to increase business performance and generate sales. This was an exciting project for our team, as we were starting from ground zero, which proposed its own strengths and weaknesses. We could control the design, build, SEO foundations and content strategy – however, the domain had never been indexed and had no equity in terms of authority in the market – but it had to generate quality leads quickly.

Our task is to create an industry-leading website that drives qualified, relevant leads into the business to help them achieve their growth plans.

  • Strategy Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Website Design, Development & Deployment
  • Best In Class Technical Foundation
  • Content Strategy
  • Local SEO Strategy To Target Serviceable Areas
  • Analytics and Call Tracking Reports

The Strategy


Design & Development

A new website solution was designed from the ground up for Ark Fire Protection, including design concepts, wireframes & draft iterations to give the customer full control over the look and feel of the website. We worked hard in the background to ensure that while in line with client expectations, the technical foundations were solid from the outset.


SEO Strategy

As a business operating nationally with a focus on big cities, it was crucial we understood the opportunity each city posed. We ran the data, including search volume, keyword intent and difficulty, which led us to create optimised, high quality, user-led content fuelled by data relevant on both a national and local scale.



After successfully launching the new website the next step was to implement our growth strategy. Strategy is nothing without execution, we implemented location based landing pages specific to priority areas and while maintaining a national steer on the homepage, this allowed us to have a holistic strategy for growth nationally.

"Onelink paid efforts have resulted in a notable increase in traffic to the Axiros’ website. The team manages the project and communicates very well, giving regular updates. Their ability to take ownership of the processes and do most of the heavy lifting sets them apart. "

Kurt Peterhans

Chief Executive Officer - Axiros GmbH

"Onelink have played a fundamental role in our organic growth here at Yours Clothing. The team are hardworking, enthusiastic, and come with a wealth of knowledge of industry best practices. I look forward to working with the Onelink team to expand our SEO efforts and to grow our organic channel even further. "

Alexandria Gordon Devonshire

SEO Manager - Yours Clothing, BadRhino & Long Tall Sally

"Onelink have completely transformed our website and enabled us to reach new customers through their SEO work. Fantastic team, really supportive and excellent customer service. "

Naomi Butters

Co-Founder - ICENA

"Onelink have consistently supported PPVS with our digital marketing. We highly recommend their dedicated team as nothing is an issue and always progressional at what they do. Highly recommend! I would certainly put them forward to our trusted partners and suppliers. "

Louis Joyce

Director - PPVS

"Having worked with these guys over the past few years I would highly recommend them. Easy to do business with and really knowledgeable. "

Daryl Grace

Co-Founder - TWBC

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