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The Keyword Analyser

Take your competitor research to the next level in 5 easy steps. Includes free template with an easy step by step guide on how to set-up!

April 6, 2023

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    Take Your Competitor Research To The Next Level

    In this increasingly competitive online world, it’s more important than ever to have the most up to date information & to understand what your competitors are doing and where you’re missing the mark. Understanding the many data points & metrics that tools spit out these days can be overwhelming & in all honesty, it’s over-complicated, so we have tried to make it easier for you, but first, a bit of background on why it’s important.

    Know Your Competitors

    It’s gaining more popularity in the industry to not be a ‘me too’ brand, not to simply implement a strategy just because a competitor is doing it and seeing positive results, while this is true and you shouldn’t aimlessly follow the market, if another brand in your space is seeing great success with legitimate best practice strategies, why not follow suit? The ultimate aim for most brands is to be number 1 in their industry, the top of the SERP- and to get there, you have to understand what search engines want to see from you.

    Understand What The Search Engines Want

    Search engine’s algorithms are growing increasingly more complicated & part of that developing technology is the understanding of semantics & intent. For example, if you’re asking ‘What’s the best restaurant in London?” it’s likely you’re looking for information on that topic and search engines will likely provide informational style blogs & guides that will give you that information. If you’re searching ‘TV stand’ it’s likely you’re looking to make a purchase and you will be served commercial results. It’s crucial to understand the intent of a keyword before creating content or targeting that keyword or cluster, if you’re targeting an informational term with a commercial page, you have fallen at the first hurdle.

    A Little Teaser

    Internally, we use the Keyword Analyser which we have built using Google sheets to bring together this data in one central location to understand how we target keywords, if we’re doing it right & more importantly how to beat the competition.

    For example in the image below you can see the Analyser shows data points for the keyword ‘Onelink’ and crucially what competitors are doing well for this keyword that we want to dominate. We can see our page currently ranking isn’t doing very well in comparison, taking a closer look we can see competitors all rank directly off the root domain whereas we have a product from within a sub-category. This instantly tells us our targeting is off & fuels us with how we need to treat the query.

    Fear not…

    If you’re agreeing with all of the above, but found yourself wondering how to do it, or that you don’t have enough time to analyse all these data points to ensure your content is spot on. Fear not, we have developed a template which brings all of this data together to allow you to spend less time analysing data and more time acting upon the insights, and we’re giving it away for free too! With just a few data dumps from popular tools you can understand the answer to those questions and get cracking with implementing a killer strategy. Just sign up, make a copy of the template & follow the step-by-step instructions below.

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